The basics about decorative epoxy floors

So what is epoxy floors and why is it becoming so popular? In short, decorative cement flooring is the process of mixing cement, epoxy, paint and other finishing chemicals to create a unique design and seamless finish for your floor. By viewing our catalogue, you can plainly see all the different results one can achieve with this process. It’s likely that you have seen our finishes in homes, stores and industrial settings without even realizing what you were walking on.

Different types of cement floors

Our various floor finishes can be broken up into four main categories—all of which we manufacture ourselves:

  • Polishing of cement involves the smoothing out of marble- and stone-like finishes.
  • Epoxy coated cement floors are created according to any colour you can think of. This option is suitable for commercial and industrial areas.
  • Acid staining is the process of cleaning a cement floor and then applying a staining substance onto the surface. The floor is then covered with acrylic cement as a seal application.

Seamless floor coatings are floors that have undergone a three-phase process to ensure a high quality finish and a waterproof surface. These floors are also chemical and stain resistant.

Perfect applications for cement floors

We are the manufacturers of these products, which is why we are the best ones to advise you on their application.

Some of these options are more suited to areas where a durable surface is needed. Robust flooring solutions are great for your home’s garage or basement area. They are also suitable for heavy industrial areas such as factories and workshops where a high integrity floor is essential.

Other types of cement floors are manufactured by us to be robust and look good too. These are usually used for shop fronts, offices, commercial properties and outdoor areas. Advanced cement floor techniques are implemented to make these floors highly durable and stain resistant.

For your home, a decorative cement floor finish is perfect in your kitchen, scullery, and can even be used to make kitchen countertops. We’ve also manufactured many of them to look stunning in bathrooms, on stairs and around your swimming pool area.

We have years of experience in epoxy, polyurethane, Euroglo cement floors. We are the experts.

View more photos in our Epoxy Floors Photo Gallery.

View more photos in our Epoxy Floors Photo Gallery.