Because home waterproofing plays such a major role in our services, we also manufacture waterproofing products for various applications. Keep in mind that our team of experts are fully qualified to apply these products to the proper surface and in the correct manner. We have two different waterproofing products in South Africa, each manufactured by us with its own unique properties and benefits

Professional application of waterproofing products

There’s a very specific method of applying waterproofing products to walls and floors. Often these products need to be properly prepared beforehand and then applied in a specific manner. Our team of professionals are fully equipped to do it right the first time; thereby saving you time and unnecessary frustration.

Two excellent brands to choose from

The two waterproofing products we manufacture are Tightex Cementitious Waterproofing, and Silblock Water Repellent. As its name suggests, Tightex is designed to waterproof cement surfaces—a product we deal with daily. This is the perfect waterproofing for concrete walls. Silblock is more suited to porous material such as cement and clay. This would be the correct waterproofing for cement floors and other mason-like surfaces. Chat to us about our products and allow us to schedule a time to come out and advise on you on where and how it should be used. If you are a building contractor, feel free to purchase the product from us complete with instructions on its proper use and application methods.

We manufacture and supply the best quality products in the decorative concrete wall and floor industry!