Advanced Cement brings a new dimension of decor to the floors and walls within your home. Our team of experts have been creating authentic decorative concrete floors for over 20 years now—with a multitude of satisfied clients under our belts. Our product is unique in that it has been developed and manufactured by our in-house team over many years; until perfection was finally attained. We are not only proficient in manufacturing and supplying seamless concrete floors in South Africa, but are also fully qualified to advise home owners and contractors on how to apply this product to its fullest potential.

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A team with decades of experience in concrete floors

Our concrete floor experts are intimately involved in all processes pertaining to manufacturing, application and finishing. We have loads of different options at Tardis Manufacturing and have therefore recruited the very best people in the profession. There are two teams across South Africa that can help you with any of your cement floor requirements. Our first team is in Gauteng and provides the most world class service in concrete floors Johannesburg has to offer. Our second team is in the Western Cape. Here too we have the best people on the job to offer our clients concrete floors Cape Town can be proud of.

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Sole manufacturers of our unique product

After many years of applying our product in various ways, the experts at Tardis Manufacturing have developed a seamless method of manufacturing and application. Cement floors are no longer the boring, grey concept they once were. This industry has now evolved into a wide range of decorative concrete flooring concepts—and we are proud to say that we have been involved in this process of development.

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Professional advice as our basis

One of our most important philosophies is that we provide honest, accurate and professional advice to all those who approach us about decorative cement floors. We feel that we play an important role in both maintaining the reputation of the industry, as well as helping it progress even further.

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Our mission in the industry of concrete floors is to:

Spread the word about the versatility and potential of decorative concrete floors
Provide accurate advice about the various types of cement floor options available in SA
Stay up to date with new developments in the industry—and to be involved in those developments and apply them to our manufacturing process
To become the industry leader in decorative concrete walls and floors in both Johannesburg and Cape Town

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