Walls are also ideal for showcasing the versatility of our decorative concrete finishes. Concrete walls far surpass conventional painted walls in terms of uniqueness. There’s a plethora of different cement wall coating combinations you can achieve—if you have the right company manufacturing them and advising you. Tardis Manufacturing have been manufacturing seamless wall coating designs for over two decades now, establishing ourselves as industry leaders in both Gauteng and Cape Town.

What is unique about decorative concrete walls?

Whether you opt for Wallcote or Venetian Plaster, both are excellent choices for either external or indoor walls. Instead of simply building a wall, plastering and painting it, decorative walls undergo various processes such as trowel applications and other methods of finishing depending on the client’s preference. The purpose of decorative walls is to lend a more spacious impression on an area while maintaining a modern look and feel.

The Wallcote option

Wallcote is a Stucco product we manufacture that attempts to provide a natural, almost-speckled finish that has a random yet complete look to it. This makes the wall look more authentic and never ceases to impress those who see it. Our catalogue will boast some of the unorthodox designs we have created in the past—but Wallcote offers a limitless combination of other exciting options to choose from.

Venetian wall plaster

Venetian wall plaster is our very own eco-friendly wall option that we have manufactured out of organic materials, limestone and acrylic binders to hold it all together. The end result is a smooth, glossy finish with various patterns within. These walls are easy to wash and maintain; and will not easily perish even after extended periods of time.

A South African industry leader in decorative walls

To have the best concrete walls in South Africa done right, give Tardis Manufacturing a call. We are experts in all decorative wall options as described here and will deliver a stunning wall finish to your home or business. So whether you find yourself in Cape Town or Gauteng, give your nearest branch a call and get some guidance on getting professional decorative walls done.

At Advanced Cement, we manufacture our concrete products according to world class standards!